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Would You Pay 70% More For Brand Bags And Why They Vary More In Price Than Others

March 6, 2014 at 12:37 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News by

It seems that the recession is not valid when buying a luxury fashion accessories.

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting fact about the rise in prices of handbags of world-famous fashion houses. Bags of Chanel in the last five years are more expensive for 70%, and Louis Vuitton for 32% and above in the U.S. market


There are several options for this reason. According to some it comes to inflation, and according to other tactic is to distinguish quality handbags made by fashion houses, apart from Accessories movie that offer fashion brands.


However according to Milton Pedraza, deputy director of the Luxury Institute, this is a way to appreciate the luxury creations – “The more the market will have names like Michael Corso and Tory Burches, the more prices handbags of Chanel and Louis Vuitton will have a higher price “.


However, while the price of the Chanel fashion accessories is constantly growing fashion houses like Gucci and Mulberi have dropped in price in the last 12 months. According to a statement from the French fashion house, the price is high because it is a luxury product, whose production are used expensive materials in order to create a quality model.