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You Will Never Guess Who Landed the Role of Givenchy’s Next Muse!

December 11, 2014 at 9:28 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

When it comes to the faces of the French brand, Givenchy, you always knew what to expect with Riccardo Tisci. Since he was named creative director of the Parisian house, back in 2005 he always pickeddifferent women to showcase the brand, from performance artist, Marina Abramović, to transgender model Lea T. and singer, Erykah Badu.

Tisci commented that he would choose those who he respected to be a part of the campaign and those who he saw as friends. And now, Tisci has revealed that the new face of Givenchy for the Spring 2015 campaign is going to be none other than Julia Roberts.

givenchy2 Julia Roberts

And Givenchy’s Julia Roberts is a whole new Julia Roberts, far from her role of America’s sweetheart that everyone knew. Tisci wanted to show a different side of Roberts and that included no makeup for the actress and most importantly, he didn’t want her signature smile.

Tisci told Style.com all about his conversation with Roberts when he first met her; “No hair, no makeup. I said to her, Because your smile is so beautiful and everybody knows you for that, I think it should be no smile.” His plan was to strip Roberts of her glamorous Hollywood image and the 47 year old’s reaction? Well, according to Tisci, she was very cool about the whole thing.


The actress did a photo shoot with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in black and white, the outfits being styled by Katy England. Robert’s wore the brand’s signature menswear inspired look, donning a suit for a simple, yet classy look. As Givenchy released the photos, by picking Julia Roberts, they were aiming to show the timeless beauty of the brand. No doubt that they did just that, Roberts looked phenomenal, we just can’t wait to see more of this new side of hers.