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Unsure About What to Wear This Fall? We’ve got you Covered!

September 1, 2015 at 11:02 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News by

August is practically over and you already know what happens when September hits. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and give a warm welcome to fall. And what better way to welcome the season of rain and rustling leaves than to help you with your wardrobe. Reading on, you’ll find some trends to consider before you go shopping for fall outfits. While the 90s already made a comeback, it’s time to bring on the 80s, the colors, the jewelry and much more.


First up, black and white aka. the alpha and the omega, yin and yang or just classic would be suffice to say to describe the two. When combined, these two make for various classy, elegant and sexy outfits. Geometry seems to be in style this season so a wise way to wear the combo would be to go with stripes, checks, diamonds or even zebra prints. Give it a go and you will surely have eyes on you.


Velvet will be making a comeback for the upcoming fall, mostly in the form of gowns, but pants and shirts are not to be excluded. Long gowns to be exact, summer is not the only season when it is acceptable to wear maxi dresses, so bring those babies out. While velvet might be reserved for the romantic combinations at night, during the day you will want flow-y materials reminiscent of the boho style with flower prints and longer sleeves, the temperatures will be falling, after all.


Goth and punk will be on the rise when talking about fashion. Dark lipstick, high necklines, studs and lots of black. Also, who would want to forget the ripped tights, leather and chains, basically, you will want to release your inner rebel and everyone will be right there to embrace it. But it doesn’t have to be always edgy, done right and you can be nicknamed a vamp princess with a romantic side.


As mentioned earlier, the fall will be bringing back the 80s, which means bright colors, vinyl, leather, the above mentioned velvet and bold, retro accessories. When it comes to accessories, more will be more, so layering will be high in demand. And when thinking about viny, think big, as in trenches and not just thigh high boots, not everything is meant to have a comeback. Other trends to consider would be the color red, 70s influenced patchwork, pastel colors and snow-white fur. Hopefully, this will help you when going hunting for your fall outfits.