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How to Tie a Tie? Problem That Have Almost all of the Men!

April 9, 2014 at 8:04 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News by

How to Tie Your Tie

I’ll be correct when i’m speaking in the name of all the men that the one thing we hate doing when it comes in dressing is to tie our ties.  Let’s face it, everytime before we’re going to work or in a meeting, or at wedding we’re asking You, our lovely wifes, girlfriends or sisters to do it for us, or in the worst case scenario we have one or two easy ways for doing that difficult job.

So today i’m going to make that job easier in showing you one more way a totaly new, unique one to
tie your tie and who knows maybe you’ll get inspired and create your new own way!

The Christenson

It’s called by a Swedish woman, Amanda Christenson. It has unusual cruciform structure and it’s almost like the four-in-hand knot but the result it’s different. This one has much straighter sides. The best thing about this knot is that is suited for any length of ties but it goes better with ties made of a thinner material.

The Balthus

This fancy knot got it’s name from the Polish-French artist named Balthasar Klossowski (Balthus).
To do this type of knot you’ll need the longest tie you can get. It is a 9-move, 4-centre knot and it is different from the others because it ends with wide triangular shape and it eats a lot of fabric.

The Cavendish

Maybe it will be strange at first when you’ll read that this knot got it’s name from two physicists from Cambrige University but i can guarantee that it will look great on you. So it’s an 8-move, 2-centre knot and finishes with a wider symmetrical look. The good thing is that goes with any fabric and style necktie.

The Onassis

The best part about this knot is that you can wear it in two ways. Draped over the knot or draped over and clipped in the back. It’s almost the same like the classic 4-in-hand but it gives totally new awsome look. Got it’s name by the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

I think i made men live more simple in one way with showing this marvelous and fast way of tying your ties! So your welcome and may this job never more be so hard for you!