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They still have HOT bikini bodies! 45 Celebrities over 40 in bikinis

August 4, 2014 at 9:21 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

Like you saw in our previous post, some celebrities are never getting old, but how do they look in their bikinis? Up until now we have seen them on the red carpet looking irresistible, and their years are not getting in the way with their look. But, still in the outfits we have seen them we can’t see the real look.

Outfits are always hiding something beneath them, especially those who are getting older.
That is why we found hot pictures of 45 celebrities who are over 40 years old. Their body is still super hot and no one can resist their beauty.

They are in some points different from each other, but still they are able to keep their body in shape and to look perfect in bikini. See for yourself, they are looking even better from other younger women.
Which one got your full attention?


Hoda Kotb




Helen Hunt




Pinkett Smith




Cameron Diaz




Lena Headey




Angela Kinsey