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A Star for a Star, Mariah Carey’s can now be seen on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

August 6, 2015 at 8:47 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity by

            August 5th was a big day for Hollywood, so big that the Hollywood Boulevard was shut down because a huge number of lambs and by that we don’t mean the animals. For all the laymen out there, lams are Mariah Carey’s beloved fans and many of them wanted to see their queen as she finally received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mariah Carey

The Grammy winning singer has debuted with a self-titled album Mariah Carey back in 1990, meaning that it has been twenty-five years since she got in spotlight, enchanting the audience with her signature high-pitched voice. And now, on August 5th she has joined 2,555 other superstars who, alongside her are immortalized on that famous pavement.

Mariah Carey


Ever wondered how a superstar gets selected for the golden star? And if you were wondering what does it take to get a star, well, we got you covered. First things first, you need a nomination and there’s a special form for that. You need to be in the entertainment industry, which includes film, TV, music, radio, recording or theatre. Next, you need to be able to raise $30k, basically, you’re paying for your own star. And once all that is done and you got okayed, you just need to set up a date and voila.

Mariah Carey

Time and Los Angels Daily News have reported that Mariah’s star was in the works since 2007, which was eight years ago. Normally stars wait if they have something special to unveil as they receive their star, but the only thing we found out about Mariah was that she was going to guest in the Empire tv series. A bit weird, but, okay, if Mariah is happy, then so are we.

Mariah Carey


And speaking of the woman of the hour, you didn’t think that we would not mention her choice of outfit. As expected, the singer came out looking like a diva that she is, she wore a sparkling black gown with a deep cleavage that reminisces of the old Hollywood. Her hairstyle accompanied the era as well as elegant locks. As for her company, her adorable twins were there for the event, obviously, rocking white ensembles.