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Practical Overalls for all Day That Look Great and Shine on the Street!!!

May 19, 2014 at 7:57 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News by

Appeared in the 80’s , but a few seasons they came back on the fashion scene and almost every part of its collection.This spring – summer 2014 seasons they were the absolute trend.The overalls are already a falling piece of clothing which required and it should be included in every female wardrobe .

Overalls 001

Many of the ladies immediately accepted it. This seasons choice of models is really huge. It can be found in various models with short and long sleeves or without. The overalls with buttons and small flowers were inspired by the retro fashion.

Overalls 002

They are models everyday ideal clothing for strolling and relaxing moments. The overalls are made of lightweight materials and are suitable for daytime and evening wearing. For the summer season they are inevitable and ” hot” mini overalls with a variant number of shorts or pants most like summer dresses.

Overalls 003

When it comes to fashionable, they can be in all kinds of bright, dark and other colors. If you want to emphasize you can add a belt or a big white necklace. In combination with shoes. They can be perfectly fitted with belt sandals or with platform and heels.

Overalls 004


Overalls 005


Overalls 006


Overalls 007


Overalls 008


Overalls 009