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The Notebook is Making a Return in the Form of a Television Series on CW!

August 12, 2015 at 6:39 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

            One of the most beloved romantic movies is making a comeback, after having been adapted into a movie; Nicholas Sparks’ 1996 romantic novel is going to be made into a TV series and will air on CW. The author seemed to have given his blessings, as he will personally work on the project to reboot one of his most successful novels. It is safe to say that we will be grabbing for that box of tissues once again.

The Notebook

While the TV series is in development, we can say for sure that it will follow the romantic story of Noah and Allie, which has its start in the 1940s in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. It is also known that Todd Graff will be in charge of the script as well as having the role of the executive producer along with Sparks and Theresa Parks. There is no news on who might be playing the two leads or anyone else from the novel and the movie, but fans sure would like to see Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams again, maybe in a cameo if nothing?

The Notebook

The Notebook TV series seems to be just one among the many well-known movies that are being adapted. There are several more adaptations in the works, which include Limitless, Uncle Buck, Rush Hour and Minority Report. If this continues, there is much more to come. And as for The Notebook, seeing as the movie was the most successful out of the Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation, we have no doubt that there will be fans eager to see this new adaptation. We are not the only ones that are optimistic it seems, CW president, Mark Pedowitz spoke about the future TV series saying how “The Notebook is a very well-received book and motion picture. It is going to be set after World War II. At this point, the pilot is not done. I don’t believe we’re going to see the older couple — what they become — but again, things change and we’re just now in the development stage.”