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Maybe he can not buy an Oscar, but he can buy a $5.23m house in Palm Springs!!!

March 21, 2014 at 1:10 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

Leonardo DiCaprio new house in Palm Springs

We all know that when it comes for real estates, celebrities are spending enormous amount of money and they don’t regret for it even if they’re living there for 2-3 months.


Every celebrity has it’s own maybe in some crazy way dream house. In our case that’s the Oscar nominated actor our one and only Leo DiCaprio. His choice this time was the American desert- Palm Springs, where he bought a six-bedroom house for $5.23 million.

Leonardo's House

For those who don’t know in Palm Spring is held the Coachella music festival, so who knows maybe Leo have decided to become a hipster. As we recently know the famous Wolf ¬†have decided to take some time off, so if he gets bored he might go to a Gay icons tour, there are many gay icons that once lived in Palm Springs.

Leonardo's House

So Leo, we’re wishing u big welcome in the desert and good luck with your time off !!