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Lindsay Lohan’s Shocking Lies: Suspicious Friends Fear ‘Secret’ Miscarriage Was Fictitious Storyline To ‘Garner Sympathy & Explain Unprofessional Behavior’ On Reality Show

April 27, 2014 at 8:31 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

After revealing that he had miscarriage and affair with married man with kids on the latest episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, Lindsay Lohan got all the attention that she wanted…

Sharon Osbourne, who has her own TV talk show and knows Lindsay for a some time, told her doubt on the miscarriage story on her daytime snow known as ‘The Talk’.

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“I think she probably had diarrhea or something. I don’t believe she had a miscarriage, I believe she’s quite confused and I’ve had enough of watching her trying to make her life better… Everybody uses that (miscarriage) as an excuse. What a load of old codswallop” Sharon said on her talk show about Lindsay

“She absolutely made it up. Lindsay was never pregnant during filming the reality show for OWN, or in the months after. Lindsay knew she was being perceived as a total slacker, not showing up on time for photo shoots, call times and refusing to shoot,”
“So this is what Lindsay does. She lies! Her family and friends had no clue about her ‘pregnancy’ and subsequent miscarriage. Lindsay is once again her own worst enemy,” Was written at Radaronline.com… This portal claimed that the information is from source close to Lohan.

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“Don’t forget there have been multiple media reports that she fell off the wagon months ago. Quite simply, Lindsay never acted like someone who was pregnant,” the same source added…
However probably we will never know what is the true at this story about Lindsay Lohan…