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K-pop is coming to the States once again; give a warm welcome to CL!

August 25, 2015 at 10:55 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

            Everyone must have heard about K-pop now, what used to be pop music only for the selected few has now become a global phenomenon. In case you are one of those living under a rock, K-pop is Korean pop, South Korean mind you and it is gaining more and more recognition outside the walls of South Korea. K-pop stars are having concerts worldwide and the language barrier does not seem to be a problem, after all, music has no language. However, it helps that more idols there know English; some groups even have members that grew up in the States.


This is not the first time that a K-pop artist tried to cross over to the big league. The music in the USbrings in a lot of money so there is no wonder why the Koreans would want to try it out for themselves. The Korean girl group Wonder Girls tried to break through with releasing an English version of their hit “Nobody”, but it did not quite work out for them.

They did however; go on a tour with the Jonas Brothers, so that was at least something. After them, SNSD or Girls’ Generation released the English version of their song, “The Boys” and even guested on Live! With Kelly and on Late Show with David Letterman in and that was about it. Finally, we have PSY, the Korean artist that was not really planning on it, but the music video for Gangnam Style went viral and is now the most viewed music video on YouTube.


Now, we come to CL (or Lee Chae Lin/Rin), a South Korean idol and member of the hip hop-ish/urban pop group 2NE1.Her debuting alone does not necessarily mean that she is quitting her group, in fact, Korean artists do this all the time, members have solo debuts or there are sub-units featuring several members.

For example, the boy group, Super Junior has several sub-units (Super Junior M, Super Junior T, K.R.Y. and Super Junior H) and one of the members even had a solo debut this year. Since idols in Korea have specific roles in their designated groups, it would seem important to note that CL was the leader, lead or 2nd best dancer and vocalist. Pretty impressive if you ask us and this certainly makes her upcoming debut more interesting. Her label, YG, has recently discovered that they have plans for her in September.


CL is signed to SB Records, under Scooter Braun for her American debut for which she started preparing back in 2014. It will surely help her that she’s fluent in English and that she has friends in high places. She’s known to be Jeremy Scott’s muse and you can see her wearing his creations a lot of the times. She also seems to be friendly with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, maybe we’ll get a collaboration in the future? Right now, we can only wait.