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Jennifer Lopez Shares her Fears After the Crash with a Drunk Driver!

October 1, 2014 at 8:42 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

Jennifer Lopez revealed her first thoughts after her recent crash with a drunk driver. She shared that het first thought after the accident was to ‘fight’ not for her own life, but for the kids in the car – the six-year-old twins Max and Emme, who were sitting on the back seat along with her friend’s 10-year-old daughter, Sofia.


While driving her new car with her close friend Leah Remini down the Pacific Coat Highway in California last week, they were struck by a drunk driver. Now Jennifer is revealing what was happening in her head immediately after her car got hit. ‘I was super scared that something has happened to the kids… They say in situations like that you fight, flight, freeze’. I didn’t freeze, I fought, and I didn’t leave, I fought… I was like, ‘There were kids in the car! There were three kids in the car, what’s wrong with you?”.


After the accident, Jennifer and her friend called the police. Soon after that the authorities caught the drunk driver, who had left the crash, and arrested him.

Jennifer first shared some news about the accident on her Instagram account on Sunday. Then, she shared a photo of herself and Leah, thankful that everyone in her car was ok.