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The Internet Goes Crazy After Seeing Kim Kardashian’s Latest Magazine Cover!

November 12, 2014 at 8:44 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

It is safe to say that nothing that Kim Kardashian does nowadays can go unnoticed. The 34 year old Reality star has decided to shock the world once again. Not even 24 hours ago was Paper magazine’s winter 2014 issue released, showcasing Kim Kardashian in all of her naked oily bottom “glory”. Naturally, the Internet went bananas and many were quick to comment by making wonderful memes.


Some found striking resemblance with glazed donuts, some decided that she would do well as a centaur and some decided to kill two birds with one stone by ridiculing both her and the famous British actors and comedian, Russell Brand. There were a lot of celebrities tweeting after seeing the racy cover, most notable was Glee star Naya Rivera. Her reaction came as a surprise as she wasn’t one of those praising Kim even though she had been finding inspiration in Kim’s fashion recently.


The one reaction that we were waiting patiently for was her husband’s, Kanye West decided to support his wife by tweeting her cover image and adding a simple hashtag saying #allday (in caps lock). While most people were shocked by the cover, Kanye was the one to come to his wife’s aid, baking her up without hesitation. We should really applaud Kanye, since probably not many would be thrilled to see their wife showing her bottom for the whole world to see. Sometimes it’s good to leave something for the imagination, wouldn’t you agree?


Kim, herself tweeted this after the magazine’s release, “And they say I didn’t have a talent…try balancing a champagne glass on your ass.” She was describing her other, photo in which she donned a long black sparkly dress. If we had to pick between the two photos we would definitely pick that one, with less mooning.


Paper magazine released a statement soon after the whole thing blew up, saying that they couldn’t think of a better person for their winter issue cover. Their mission was to break the Internet, and they did just that. Hopefully, they were proud with themselves.