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Get Motivation for Your own Style From Pitti Uomo Street Style!

June 20, 2014 at 8:32 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News, Trends by

Yesterday in Florence the new season of the fashion fair of Pitti Uomo began. With gondolas of demons and angels and ships in the river Arno began the festival dedicated to Men Fashion which will last for four days.
Part of the festival is also the fashion fair that takes place two times a year. This season will represent 1089 Brands and also 75 women collections. On the streets of Florence the carnival is awesome and for the additional atmosphere the famous Andrea Bocelli took care of.

001 CA1_Pitti-Uomo-2-copia
But what everyone got their attention was the look of the Italians. We all know them by the priceless style, delicious cuisine and charisma. This time we have especially taken care of for the men. We just can’t miss to prize the selection of prints and shades of the street style. We have come to the conclusion that in the trend is the suits that are still elegant and fancy sports at the same time. The combination of shirts, vests and impressionable shoes and the accessories like rings, hats, bracelets and mirror effect glasses are making the incredible trend.

002 CA2_Pitti-Uomo-33
One important thing that we can learn from this Fashion fair is that there are no limits for the style. The only thing you need to have is courage. It will give you the possibility to make wonderful combinations with colors, patterns and accessories. This is actually how the Italian people do it and they should be our motivation. Now we are all going to be one step ahead with creating our own style.

003 CA3_Pitti-Uomo-7
The only thing left here is to see the pictures and enjoy them. You will get motivated. Share with us which one caught your eye and maybe you have thought of a new style.


004 CA4_Pitti-Uomo-1-copia


005 CA5_Pitti-Uomo-1



006 CA6_Pitti-Uomo-5



007 0_CA7a Pitti-Uomo-10


008 0_CA7b Pitti-Uomo-11