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Fans are shocked!!! Did Selena Gomez had a Boob Job done, and was it all for Justin Bieber?

July 10, 2014 at 8:34 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

Selena Gomez was seen in NYC looking so amazingly beautiful. Is it possible that she has done a boob job because of the drama with Justin Bieber? Justin may have been flirting with Yovanna Ventura on shots, going on a date in Beverly Hills, but it wasn’t a problem for his maybe-ex girlfriend Selena Gomez to show off how sexy she is and that in the most possible way she can.

Selena on 9th of July has been seen in around New York City braless and no one could have missed the pretty curvy. Has she gotten a boob job? Is that just for Justin? ? According to what we have seen from her perfect sheer black top she has probably done a boob job and she is definitely looking busty. But, we can’t say is she gotten too far to do one.
There were sources that reported that Selena was already looking to get a boob job done so that she can look sexier for Justin, she was scared to lose him.

She was probably thinking that she needed to be the hottest girl on the plant in order to keep Justin’s attention. She probably has studied every girl that Justin hooked up with after they broke up. With the results she compared herself with it in every detail. Selena looks extra sexy in the ripped jeans, black heals and the black tank top which has a bit more boob and stomach sweat. Anyway, we all think that she was looking amazing, but maybe it’s a ridiculous move.

There are just so many different reactions from Selena’s fans. The majority had said that Selena didn’t need to make any additional modifications to her body because she looked so beautiful even without Boob Job. Also, there were sayings that she is now the hottest she could have been. What are your conclusions? Did she make a wise decision? Did she do a boob job because of Justin?




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