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Chris Brown has Disappointed his Fans, Remains Behind Bars!!!

March 18, 2014 at 6:05 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, General, News by

After a few days of the arrest of Chris Brown , the singer was brought to court . The singer underwent a special program regarding treatment for anger management , substance abuse and issues associated with bipolar disorder .

The words “‘I am good at using guns and knives.'” Brown violated rules in the rehab center . This whole time he was under surveillance while his behavior was put to the test.

Besides this he made three offenses such as refusing to test taking drugs, made a statement that alarmed rehab officials, and is also seen as touching the elbow of a girl .

Chris Brown with his lawyer

A lawyer for the singer replied that while refusing to take a drug test , the singer made it later and it was passed .

Brandlin Judge rejects attorney Geragos singer to be released into a different rehab program and he decided to stay in jail until the next hearing which is scheduled for April 23.

Brown is under supervision by 2009 . after he beat then- girlfriend Rihanna. He appeared in court in orange jail jumpsuit and designer jeans. After taking out of the courtroom , his mother sent him with tears in her eyes.