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Do you have a blond hair for a very long time and you just want to have your natural hair color back? Maybe you just can’t take it when you see that your roots have grown and you need to make an appointment AGAIN.  Having blond hair is maybe sexy, but it is hard to maintain. You need to maintain it almost every...

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Ombre in trend again ! The style we all loved last season is on again. If you ever felt torn between two colors when dying your hair, or you couldn't decide between dark or light, we have your solution. With The Ombre style your wish can became true and you will have the hottest look and you'll feel gorgeous. The...

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4 Hot Hairstyles For Spring 2014

Posted in Beauty, Hair by  •  March 7, 2014

The Hottest Hairstyles For Spring 2014   Spring is here, so we need to leave behind us the lazy days of winter when all you did with your hair was dry it and make a ponytail. We have our hands full with ideas and we're more than ready to show them to you. Spray-painted ponytail. Gold-flecked updos. If you're...

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