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Calvin Klein’s New Underwear Plus Size Model Is Nowhere Near The Plus Part!

November 17, 2014 at 8:10 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News by

Another controversy has swept the fashion industry when the American model, Myla Dalbesio, became one of the faces of Calvin Klein’s newest Perfectly Fit campaign. Nothing was wrong with the picture, until Elle magazine tweeted about the matter and labelled Dalbesio as a plus size model and it would be little to say that there was an outrage.


Heated discussions started over the “plus size” size and most of the people stated how Dalbesio was perfectly normal, which could be another thing to debate about. Naturally, these kinds of debates and discussions are a daily thing and almost never silent, because we like to take our opinions out there and tweet our hearts out when we want to be heard.

While the beautiful 27 year old model may seem bigger when compared to regular models which are mostly around sizes 0 to 4, but in reality she isn’t “big” at all, being a size 10 or 8, as some state. And in the US, the plus size is labelled for those wearing size 12 and above, so why is she called a plus size when she doesn’t fit the category? And if Mr. Klein wants to have plus sized model, why doesn’t he cast the ones that fit the size? Now, those are some really good questions, ones for which we have no answer, unfortunately.


However, it could still be described as revolutionary, the casting of Myla Dalbesio in such a high cut campaign, it’s certainly something we don’t see most days. And an even better thing is that as Dalbesio says, she was never approached as a plus size model, nor did she hear similar words that described her when she landed the campaign. The question now is, why are some such as Elle magazine labelling her as one? And this would be another answerless question.