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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Now Officially Off The Market!

November 5, 2014 at 9:07 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

Just two days ago we had news about Benedict Cumberbatch being the favorite to play the Marvel superhero, Dr. Strange and today the hearts of millions of “Cumberbitches” break as it was announced in the newspaper that the famous actor got engaged to actress and theatre director Sophie Hunter, 36. Naturally, we thought the whole thing was a hoax, when we read about the news in the marriage section of The Times, however, they later confirmed along with the actor’s spokespersonthat the engagement was really happening.


Seeing how Benedict Cumberbatch was one of the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment world due to his popularity, career, charm and of course, his devilishly good looks, it was no wonder that the social media went crazy having learned about the news. Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree because of the matter and right now, Benedict Cumberbatch is still trending in USA.


The most surprising thing of all was how the actor handled the whole situation, instead of announcing the matter via publicists and various social media, Cumberbatch decided to go old school and post a notice in the newspaper, to be frank, we didn’t know people still did that. One thing is clear, whatever the actor does it will still be seen as suave and cool.


From what we’ve learned, the couple met way back in 2009, on the set of the movie “Burlesque Fairytales”, however, they haven’t been seen together until June this year, at the French Open to be precise.

Benedict Cumberbatch engagement announcement

The engagement seems to be a big blow for some hardcore fans, especially considering that this year we managed to lose not one, but two famous heartthrobs, George Clooney, we’re looking at you. Still, we wish the best for the couple as we keep an eye on them.


Our heart naturally goes out to the Cumberbitches of the world who must be going through a rough time at the moment, we only hope that they’ll manage to mend their broken hearts in order to support the British actor.