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5 Most Wearable Spring 2014 Fashion Trends, Straight Off the Runway

February 23, 2014 at 7:14 pm  •  Posted in Fashion, News by

The sky is the limit: How pastel-happy you want to get ?

Only few steps are separating us from the Spring 2014 and on our doors are knocking the new trends straight from the Runways. This Spring is all about rainbow of soft pastel colors and the best thing is that you can pick whatever color you want, combinate with the pastel one and you’ll have the perfect combination for nights out, coffee with your friends, simple walk in the park, or on your first date with your dream man. In any of this combinations you’ll look fabulous. So put a smile on your face and start using your imagination, cause I feel it’s going to be an exciting Spring !


Easy to wear and ultra chick wide-leg trousers

Huge showing on the spring runways made wide-leg trousers. And I know the first reaction always is… “it’s for six-foot-tall” supermodels, but beleive me, with the higher-waisted trousers and a shirt or short top above it you’re going to elongate your frame and look stunning through the day !


Tea-length skirt

The skirt that it’s starting to get that specific is the tea-length for spring. I know you’re thinking it’s not modern and my grandmum used to wear it, but I’m sure that with a cropped top to offset the length not only will get you look beautiful but also it will make you look taller and as modern as a mini one. So don’t waste time, go now and buy one !


Get sophisticated with the shift Blouse

If you want to look flattering and versatile go right now and get yourself the new trend from the Runways “the shift Blouse”. It’s almost like a dressy version of a T-shirt, but you can have fun adding extra details and colorful textures.


Collarless coats through any time of the day

One of my favorite pieces this Spring is the Collarless long coat. You can wear it wherever you want and have the fabulous look. If you want you can go safe with a neutral color but trust me, you should risk it with fun prints. You can wear it with skirt on your job meeting,or dress for night outfit, or leather pants through the day. Whatever you decided you won’t be mistaken !