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4Chan’ Threatened Emma Watson With Releasing Her Naked Photos!!!

September 26, 2014 at 9:04 pm  •  Posted in Celebrity, News by

Hackers threatened the British actress Emma Watson with releasing her naked photos on the web. The threat appeared hours after Emma had a speech about feminism in the building of the United Nations. The threatening ‘Emma, you are next’ appeared in a newly made website with a picture of the star. A clock, counting time until the implementation of the threat makes it look completely serious. The logo of 4chan is also here – this is the website, which already released naked photos of some female celebrities.


In the building of the United Nations Emma had a speech, which gave the beginning of the campaign ‘’HeForShe’, which promotes gender equality. This action of hers has obviously made someone really angry. The clock on the website was showing that the photos will be released on Friday.


During the speech, Emma described her own process of sexualisation as a teenager, as well as her desire for women to be treated and paid equally to men, and for men treat women better. Emma also spoke against the publication of the stolen photos after the first naked images of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked. This is probably the exact reason for the web attack against her.

At this moment, the countdown does not show when exactly the naked photographs will be released. The website features an image of Watson wiping a tear from her eye, which implies the humiliation that she is going to experience after the releasing of these photos.
Emma Watson is best known with her role as Hermiona Granger in the ‘Harry Potter’ films. With her speech for gender equality Emma has proved to have exactly the same strong principles as the ones of Hermiona.