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4 Hot Hairstyles For Spring 2014

March 7, 2014 at 9:32 pm  •  Posted in Beauty, Hair by

The Hottest Hairstyles For Spring 2014


Spring is here, so we need to leave behind us the lazy days of winter when all you did with your hair was dry it and make a ponytail.

We have our hands full with ideas and we’re more than ready to show them to you. Spray-painted ponytail. Gold-flecked updos. If you’re looking

for real life inspiration, there is plenty of remarkable ideas too, from romantically rumpled braids to delightfully mussed chignons. I present to you

the season’s electrifying hair trends!


Mixed Textures


If u want to update the typical Rag&Bone strands, before hitting it with a blowdryer you should shellacked centerparted hair with a generous blast of

Redken Forceful 23 Super Strenght Finishing Spray for a clean and crisp finish. With this trend you can create a flat, clean and crisp look on top, but you should make sure to eliminate any fly-away.

Old Worls Braids


We all love braids, right? And as i can see they never going to be out. So this season around braids we’re much less avant-garde. In fact, they are plucked right from the romantic

past. This Spring is all about messy braids. Pulled braids up and away, pinning them around the head in regal, or wove diffused curls into thick skeins, tugging out tendrils around the face.

Ornate Ponytails


Last season, the ponytails were a bit of a snooze, but this season they’re back with a vengeance. For a try-at-home take form a low pony,leaving out the one one-inch sections on either side

of before placing a wide headband on top. To finish, you can use your imagination and wrappe the reserved sections around the hair tie. And your hair looks amazingly beautiful for only a few minutes!

Flowers in the hair


Old, but not out of fashion. They may be the oldest accessories, but this season, stylists made flowers feel new again. You can be creative and add them to low and messy ponys or into built-up chignons. Everything is in your hands make yourself look and feel excellent!